Boys, boys, boys
There’s already a FuckYeahHottumblrGuys


and he/she reblogged to say they “had already existed”.

However….they started the same day as I did…and we even have the same icon. I’d be willing to settle it all on irony, but I like how I put together the site a lot better, so I don’t think I’ll back down. However, feel free to follow them as well, as that just means it’ll be twice as many hot tumblr boys in your dash. :)

So I’m:
and they are:

Well I wasn’t trying to copy anyone. I assumed it didn’t exist because I hadn’t thought to search FYhottumblrguys I could delete mine, if you want. As you can tell I don’t have a lot of time to update it.

Hello new followers and welcome to our very first edition of FUCK YEAH HOT TUMBLR GUYS


Where we work on putting REAL approachable guys on Tumblr.

Hollywood’s all fun and dandy if you want airbrushed and perfect abs, but if what you want to see is a guy that you REALLY stand a chance with (and who we know won’t be cheating on you with Paris Hilton) then this is the place to go.

Help us out by submitting guys who YOU think are good looking, giving us their first name and their tumblr name.

For the link on how to submit, just go to our home page. Hugs!


 I’m a bit offended. There was already a fuckyeahhottumblrguys.

Off for the night.

Hope to have some submissions when I get back.



Does everyone see how gorgeous this guy is?
Plus he loves Pokemon (:

Make your submissions girls.

Or boys. We don’t discriminate<3

Go here or email and tell us about your favorite Tumblr boy. Pictures aren’t required but they are appreciated. Please include their username.


long hair

Looks like we have our first official post :)


long hair

Looks like we have our first official post :)


This is a place for the lovely boys and men of Tumblr to be appreciated. Not just for their looks, but for their personalities and talents. You can make submissions here and I will also be posting my own opinions.
If anything you see here makes you uncomfortable let me know and I will remove the post or submission about you.
This page is still under construction. I should have a layout and a better user photo put together soon.